MATERIALS: Non-toxic and sustainable  

These natural alternatives are non-petroleum, more durable, and a healthier choice compared to mass-manufactured materials.


In January 2015 "TB-117" was replaced with a new law, "Techinical Bulletin 117-2013" which no longer requires furniture manufacturers to use flame retardants in foam.  The hazards of flame retardants range from cancer to permanent neurological and developmental damage, and from disrupting thyroid-hormone regulation to birth defects. 

We can now breathe a sigh a relief that our home environments are a mainstream focus, and begin to update and purchase safer furniture.  At A Circle Home, we believe in further protecting our health by using non-petroleum materials that are non-toxic and environmentally safe.  These natural materials have a longer lifespan, increase everyday comfort, and ease your mind by knowing what is inside your furniture.   

Let us help you protect your health and home!