FAQs:  Info and details

Environmentally safe furniture reduces the toxins of interior spaces and our exposure to harmful chemicals.

What is ‘Green’ upholstery?  

‘Green’ refers to the idea of environmentally safe products that protect our health and the earth.  A Circle Home actually uses many plant based materials prevalent in traditional upholstery.  For instance, our hemp spring string, coconut coir, cotton batting, feathers, and jute burlap.  Not to mention natural latex is free of flame retardants and dangerous off gassing.  By returning to the original materials we were using before plastic's popularity, we’re reducing our dependency on petroleum products and chemicals that harm us.  Along with the materials of traditional upholstery, we practice hand sewing and spring tying techniques, that together make a piece that lasts for decades.


Why restore my old furniture?

Every year we add ten tons of furniture to our trash, and restoration is an opportunity to update our favorite pieces.  The best pieces are made from heavy hardwood, joint and screw construction, and are either sentimental or are an amazing style.  Whether it’s a sweet antique, or changing out flame retardant foam for natural latex, we’re here to help you achieve your non-toxic home.  More importantly, instead of buying new furniture, you’re investing the same to restore and to create a sustainable product.   Oh, and affordable custom high quality furniture is pretty cool too!


What custom services do you offer?

We specialize in Green upholstery and custom projects like a custom latex foam couch, feather filled window seat cushions, and shredded latex pillows.  We’re especially keen to restoring old chairs with metal coil springs that need hand tying and special attention.  Check out our own collection of restored vintage pieces, or get a piece made especially for you.  Better yet, bring a picture of a style you like, and we’ll help you build the environmentally safe piece you’ve dreamed of.  If you have a small or big special project, then email us an image at ACircleHome@gmail.com.  


What kind of materials do you use?

Our plant derived materials last just as, if not longer than their petroleum based counterparts.  Cotton batting, jute burlap and webbing, hemp spring string, and cotton muslin are actually staples of traditional upholstery.  Coconut coir has been around for decades longer than polyester padding, and is a plentiful and sustainable by-product.  We believe in natural rubber latex, not a hybrid or synthetic version, to avoid off gassing and utilize a breathable foam cushion made here in the USA.  In addition, all our materials are purchased within 70 miles of the workshop since we believe in supporting local businesses and reducing the footprint of transported goods.


What is the Custom design process like?

It begins with a challenge like a loveseat with a size restriction or beautiful chair waiting to be restored.  Details like existing colors and style of the room it will reside, and your style ideas are some questions we’ll explore.  Most clients provide their own fabric after exploring our list of fave fabric stores, but we’re also here to source the perfect fabric for you as needed.  We love sharing our knowledge of non-toxic materials and design eye to achieve your exact custom look!


Why is A Circle Home different than other upholsterers or furniture makers?  

We mix the power of artisan methods, with unique modern style, and Green upholstery.  We feel like artists that specialize in new looks with screenprint graphics and bold fabrics, but with sustainable and minimal petroleum use as the energetic force.  Traditional upholstery is a fading art, and we’re proud to reintroduce the materials we all need to obtain a non-toxic, healthier life.