What About the Pillow?

Snuggling, a mini herd of fuzzy puppies, a cozy, or a comfy thing like a pillow…all evoke a particular mood.  It’s a sort of ‘happy place’ where you can let go, and get comfortable.  I talk about the seat cushion’s importance a lot, as explored in ‘The Difference a Good Seat Makes’, but realized that I’ve yet to give pillows and back cushions the shout out they totally deserve!

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Four Characteristics of Green Upholstery

Green Upholstery is all about safe, non-toxic, and sustainable materials that do not harm people or the planet.  A truly green piece encompasses all these characteristics, and ideally also includes ethical labor practices, a local supply chain, and materials that are biodegradable.  There are many retailers on the ‘green’ train who are using materials that are indeed non-toxic, but not biodegradable, so what is actually ‘green’?

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Flame Retardants Are Still a Part of Everyday Life

There are many serious reasons to avoid conventional couch cushion foam.  Polyurethane foam is a plastic that not only cannot biodegrade or be recycled, it contains chemical additives like flame retardants that have long term and far reaching effects on the health of our people and planet. 

TB117-2013 doesn’t ban all flame retardants in the home

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Your Guide to Healthy Cleaning Products for Home in Southern California

Small adjustments and contributions are the easiest way to change your home into a safer place.  Synthetic chemicals cleaners and fragrances cause cancer, birth defects, brain and nervous system damage, and disrupt hormones.  Changing the type of products we use at home means understanding the bigger picture of health and environment, and how honest information can make all the difference in our daily lives.

The following are five healthy cleaning products I use in my own home.  Each one is: 

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Plant Powered Upholstery: Our Fave Raw Materials

The type of materials used in Green Upholstery are just as important as where they come from.  Similar to the principals of the slow food movement, the quality and source of what we put into our bodies is as important as the air we breathe.  We know the benefits of using raw materials that are safe for our earth and personal health, so let's get a better look at the plant origins and characteristics of some of our non-petroleum materials.

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