natural latex foam

Non-Toxic Latex Foam vs. Conventional Foam

The rampant use of flame retardants (FRs) in couch foam have been curbed by the revision of TB117-2013 which no longer requires the use of flame retardants.  Although this change is in the positive direction of better protecting our health, the bioaccumalative and dangerous nature of FRs still exist. 

While we manage old flame retardants and understand the implications of new replacement chemicals, we presently can explore safer couch foam options.

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Four Characteristics of Green Upholstery

Green Upholstery is all about safe, non-toxic, and sustainable materials that do not harm people or the planet.  A truly green piece encompasses all these characteristics, and ideally also includes ethical labor practices, a local supply chain, and materials that are biodegradable.  There are many retailers on the ‘green’ train who are using materials that are indeed non-toxic, but not biodegradable, so what is actually ‘green’?

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Plant Powered Upholstery: Our Fave Raw Materials

The type of materials used in Green Upholstery are just as important as where they come from.  Similar to the principals of the slow food movement, the quality and source of what we put into our bodies is as important as the air we breathe.  We know the benefits of using raw materials that are safe for our earth and personal health, so let's get a better look at the plant origins and characteristics of some of our non-petroleum materials.

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