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The Chair Restoration Process: Part One, The Frame

This is the first of a two part blog series describing the green restoration process.  This first part begins by repairing the frame and refinishing the wood.  The second part will cover the upholstery process, or anything related to textiles and cushioning.

The art of upholstery, like the art of any cool skill, has many steps to achieve the desired goal.  Custom upholstery, unlike the fast and cheap deals of ‘chop shop’ upholsterers, focuses on total restoration from the ground up.  Sometimes new clients are surprised by the cost of restoring a couch or chair, and innocently unaware of the extensive work and quality inside the seat.  This restoration process reflects the spirit of ‘quality over quantity’.

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The Difference a Good Seat Makes

Most of the time after a long day of activities, we like to plop ourselves onto our couch.  A couch is generally softer and more comfortable to relax in, than say, an office or kitchen chair.  What part about the plopping dictates the most comfortable seat?  I vote for the active spring of a seat, the bounce back, and shock absorption that all plopping needs to exist.  

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