green upholstery

The Chair Restoration Process: Part Two, Green Upholstery

This is the other half of a mini series reviewing the green restoration process.  We now delve into the world of cushioning and fabric, and explore the many layers not usually seen underneath the final outer fabric.

Just as restoring the frame has multiple steps, see ‘The Chair Restoration Process: Part One, the Frame’, upholstery also has many steps that together create a final product.  Each material used is in itself a step since one of the principles of upholstery is working in layers of tension to create strength and shape.  We continue in the spirit of ‘quality over quantity’ and happily share the craft that makes green, custom upholstery an art.

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The Chair Restoration Process: Part One, The Frame

This is the first of a two part blog series describing the green restoration process.  This first part begins by repairing the frame and refinishing the wood.  The second part will cover the upholstery process, or anything related to textiles and cushioning.

The art of upholstery, like the art of any cool skill, has many steps to achieve the desired goal.  Custom upholstery, unlike the fast and cheap deals of ‘chop shop’ upholsterers, focuses on total restoration from the ground up.  Sometimes new clients are surprised by the cost of restoring a couch or chair, and innocently unaware of the extensive work and quality inside the seat.  This restoration process reflects the spirit of ‘quality over quantity’.

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Preserving Your Family's Furniture

Preserving your family's furniture whether you're in downtown Los Angeles, placid Pasadena, or hip Silverlake is a deeply personal decision that links the past with the future. 

Furniture does more than provide a function.  Furniture should be experienced as a comforting way to establish a home as a respite from work and urban lifestyling.  A treasured item, ranging from Granny's TV seat to a secretly sublime thrift store find, can be restored to full health.

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The Truth Inside Your Furniture

We count on our furniture like we do our good friends. Good friends and furniture should be genuine, reliable, and enhance our lives.  By middle age I’ve removed all my toxic friends and still learning that true beauty is from within.  But in the case of furniture, how can we tell if it’s as beautiful inside, as it is on the outside?

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The Custom Green Upholstery Process

I have such a difficult time trying to explain Custom Service because it’s different for everyone.  Essentially, I submit samples of wood, stain finishes, and swatches of fabric for my client’s approval before proceeding any project—even a technical drawing if it’s a new custom frame.  Each approval is an accumulation of many considerations, and a step closer to actualizing a client’s vision.

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The Cost of Green Upholstery

Most of us are still learning about the significance of green upholstery and how it fits into our daily lives.  We’re familiar with organic foods and why recycling is important, and can easily quantify by our wallets or belief systems, if either is a worthwhile choice.  Similarly, furniture is a part of everyday life but we rarely question whether the materials used are safe for us and the planet. 

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What About the Pillow?

Snuggling, a mini herd of fuzzy puppies, a cozy, or a comfy thing like a pillow…all evoke a particular mood.  It’s a sort of ‘happy place’ where you can let go, and get comfortable.  I talk about the seat cushion’s importance a lot, as explored in ‘The Difference a Good Seat Makes’, but realized that I’ve yet to give pillows and back cushions the shout out they totally deserve!

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Four Characteristics of Green Upholstery

Green Upholstery is all about safe, non-toxic, and sustainable materials that do not harm people or the planet.  A truly green piece encompasses all these characteristics, and ideally also includes ethical labor practices, a local supply chain, and materials that are biodegradable.  There are many retailers on the ‘green’ train who are using materials that are indeed non-toxic, but not biodegradable, so what is actually ‘green’?

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