The Chair Restoration Process: Part Two, Green Upholstery

This is the other half of a mini series reviewing the green restoration process.  We now delve into the world of cushioning and fabric, and explore the many layers not usually seen underneath the final outer fabric.

Just as restoring the frame has multiple steps, see ‘The Chair Restoration Process: Part One, the Frame’, upholstery also has many steps that together create a final product.  Each material used is in itself a step since one of the principles of upholstery is working in layers of tension to create strength and shape.  We continue in the spirit of ‘quality over quantity’ and happily share the craft that makes green, custom upholstery an art.

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Preserving Your Family's Furniture

Preserving your family's furniture whether you're in downtown Los Angeles, placid Pasadena, or hip Silverlake is a deeply personal decision that links the past with the future. 

Furniture does more than provide a function.  Furniture should be experienced as a comforting way to establish a home as a respite from work and urban lifestyling.  A treasured item, ranging from Granny's TV seat to a secretly sublime thrift store find, can be restored to full health.

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Natural vs. Synthetic Fabrics

I believe in the power of green upholstery, non-petroleum materials that are non-toxic and sustainable, but the use of synthetics are sometimes unavoidable.  Sourcing the materials I currently offer, especially the natural rubber latex and coconut coir, took much research and time to find.  I am happy to report that the only synthetics I use are sewing thread and invisible zippers; the strength of synthetic nylon is currently irrefutable.  The last, and only wild card between natural and synthetic, is the decision of which outer fabric to choose.

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DIY: Painted Metal Glass Dishes

Back in college, I wanted metal dishes cuz I just thought that would be so cool.  That was right before the everyday convenience of Amazon Prime, and an internet brimming with product data and consumer reviews was still evolving.  I was quite the the thrift store junkie, but never found any metal dishes I could make a complete set of.  Retail stores were also unhelpful since the mainstream consumer's idea of metal dishes are generally enameled for camping.  The non-microwavability of real metal dishes was also a bummer, and normal ceramic and porcelain dishes didn't offer any styles close to what I imagined.

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The Custom Green Upholstery Process

I have such a difficult time trying to explain Custom Service because it’s different for everyone.  Essentially, I submit samples of wood, stain finishes, and swatches of fabric for my client’s approval before proceeding any project—even a technical drawing if it’s a new custom frame.  Each approval is an accumulation of many considerations, and a step closer to actualizing a client’s vision.

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