Clean Better, More Easily

Living a healthy life includes keeping my home clean.  It is just as important as using non-petroleum materials in my furniture, and they are all parts of my everyday environment.  Toxic cleaners and dust contribute to allergies, hormone imbalances, and we can reduce exposure to fuming with a few small changes.  Here’s a few habits I have cultivated in my weekly home cleaning duties.

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Your Guide to Healthy Cleaning Products for Home in Southern California

Small adjustments and contributions are the easiest way to change your home into a safer place.  Synthetic chemicals cleaners and fragrances cause cancer, birth defects, brain and nervous system damage, and disrupt hormones.  Changing the type of products we use at home means understanding the bigger picture of health and environment, and how honest information can make all the difference in our daily lives.

The following are five healthy cleaning products I use in my own home.  Each one is: 

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