Purpose in Business Turned My Life Green

By reupholstering my own furniture, I stumbled upon green upholstery, and has since become a business with a green life purpose.  Behind the furniture I make, the driving force of why I do what I do, has been developing my whole life.  Present day, I’m blessed to combine my human purpose with my business’ purpose.

A Grown Up Lifestyle

I know what it's like to own fancy furniture as well as mass produced furniture.  The mix of furniture quality is likely for the same reasons as most anyone.  Perhaps we have the income, or believe that’s the way we’re supposed to buy furniture, or it just fits with our budget and needs at that moment.

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For me, well-crafted furniture is an everyday luxury that makes my home feel beautiful and calm.  Everyone can benefit from a peaceful space to balance out the rigor of everyday work and life.  

Growing up Mindful

Many of us are impacted by our childhood years.  I remember growing up, my Mom found many uses for one item.  A milk carton wasn't just a milk carton. It could be a mini trash can, a plant pot, or a storage container.  Reusing items was borne from necessity since my Grandparents owned a grocery store that had humble beginnings as a produce stand owned by immigrants. 

My father frequently compares himself to MacGyver[1], a tv series about a man who could make anything out of anything, like a paperclip and gum wrapper into a parachute!!!  The spark of ingenuity that my family shared was useful and exciting to examine, and fun to utilize in our daily lives.

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Their thrifty nature became engrained in me even after I ended up in the garment industry handling large budgets and earning a good salary.  We can look at frugality as part of the reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy, yet my family wasn’t part of any green movement.  They were just trying to sustain their own lifestyle.

The limits of creativity have no bounds in a multi-purpose world, and such perspective asks to see the big picture.  In this last decade, I have become more health aware, connecting the dots to the Truth Inside Your Furniture, and this culmination is how I started A Circle Home.

My Business' Why

Anyone chasing a dream needs to know why they work so hard, spending hours to overcome challenges and prove they can do it.  My why is expressed through a human relationship with furniture, a theme I call 'Furniture is Your Friend'. 

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Furniture we buy is based on taste, style and necessity.  There's a personal element to it and it's almost the way we choose our friends.  Friendships develop because that someone is available to listen to us, or hang out with us and in some way bring an element of comfort into our lives.  Good friends just want you to be healthy and happy.  And the best of friends are reliable and are beautiful inside and out!

Seems a bit like furniture huh?  We can relax on it and enjoy the warmth and dimension it adds to our house and lives. 

I don't just restore furniture or just make pillows and dog beds to make money.  The same healthy and durable materials I offer in my business are the same materials I use in my own home.  What I know continues to fuel the belief that furniture should and can be safe, and most importantly, it fulfills my human purpose to save the people and planet I love.


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