Clean Better, More Easily

Living a healthy life includes keeping my home clean.  It is just as important as using non-petroleum materials in my furniture, and they are all parts of my everyday environment.  Toxic cleaners and dust contribute to allergies, hormone imbalances, and we can reduce exposure to fuming with a few small changes.  Here’s a few habits I have cultivated in my weekly home cleaning duties.

Suck it up

One of the simplest ways to keep furniture clean is to vacuum dust it regularly.  Although my upright vacuum had a bristle brush, I bought a larger one at the local vacuum repair shop for better coverage.  I also have a smaller vacuum that is light enough to carry around so that floors are dusted at a moment’s notice.  I love my portable carpet cleaner[1] that is super helpful, especially with two dogs.  Perhaps these are all devices of someone who insists on an asian retentive, clean home…LOL?  Indeed most likely so, but it also includes the relief knowing I can manage and easily tackle everyday and emergency situations.

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Kick it up a notch with a mist of Simple Green or Nature's Miracle (for pets) to get carpets squeekin' clean.

Make laundry do more

Laundry is one of those ongoing life cycles that is ever present.  Include pillows, duvet covers, small pillows, and blankets as an extra load when doing regular laundry.  The couch and decorative pillows get daily action, but are rarely laundered.  You wouldn’t wear the same pants for five years and never wash them, so what about the other fabric items in your home?  Pillows and cushions with zippered coverings are removable and washable, ideally delicately and allowed to air dry to reduce shrinkage accidents.  Bed pillow encasements[2] not only protect from mites, allergens, and dust, but also add a layer of sweat protection between the user and the actual pillow.  I wash all these pillow parts 1-2 times a year; and comforters better fit into the laundry mat’s larger machines or your local dry cleaner can do it for you. 

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Let your dry cleaner handle the curtains since pressing the wrinkles out can be laborious.

Get down with the wipe down

I do my best cleaning with a damp paper towel or old cotton t-shirt.  Not wet to leave streaks and damp enough to pick up dust, and the whole process simplified by tossing it afterwards into the compost bin or laundry.  This isn’t a tip I read in a magazine or how my mom taught me, it’s a habit that’s naturally evolved over time.  My house’s 1930s windows are old and always open, so dust is persistent and darkens baseboard corners and dulls glass surfaces.  Not only can I manage dusting in small spurts, but avoiding cleansers limits exposure to chemicals and fumes.  Learn about other natural cleaning products here.

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Fear not the old t-shirt rag! And remember to compost that dusty paper towel!

Happy wood

Oiling my wood furniture and decor is the main requirement of owning real wood.  I grew up using Pledge and Murphy’s Oil, my fave almond oil blend was coincidentally flammable, and found bees wax eventually filmy.  Thankfully, I have found refuge in Conrad’s Wood Food Oil[3].  Polished wood almost looks alive and feels tender without feeling greasy; for the longest time!  Hands down, one of the best products I’ve ever used and unlike anything else.  Once you step back and admire your wood, its glow will enliven your space.  The sheen is what makes everything else feel clean.

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Before oil: dull and flat

After oil: luster and bold

Need more ideas on a cleaner and non-toxic home?  Let’s restore something into a green and safe part of your everyday life today!  Call or text me at (213) 618-2143.


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