We mix the power of artisan methods, unique modern style, and Green Upholstery.  Green Upholstery is a commitment to create a safer home environment by using non-petroleum, biodegradable, and non-fuming materials.  

We feel like artists that specialize in new looks with screenprint graphics and bold fabrics, but with sustainable and minimal petroleum use as the energetic force.  From replacing flame retardant foam cushions to reusing furniture to reduce landfills, restoration is an opportunity to protect your health and the earth.  Traditional upholstery is a fading art, and we’re proud to reintroduce the plant based materials we all need to obtain a non-toxic, healthier life.

Learn more about Owner Jen-Lan in an interview with VoyageLA, http://voyagela.com/interview/meet-jen-lan-lou-circle-home-elysian-park/