We mix the power of artisan methods, unique modern style, and Green Upholstery into a lifestyle commitment to create a safer home environment.  Essentially, we have reintroduced the plant based materials used before the invention of plastic-- all which are naturally non-petroleum, non-fuming, and sustainable.  

We believe in the ultimate health of the body which requires a healthy planet.  In the same way recycling, GMOs, organic food, clean drinking water, and green energy now have a part in mainstream society, the focus of Green Upholstery is coming into it's own light. 

From replacing flame retardant foam cushions to custom building the most non-toxic chair possible, Green Upholstery is an opportunity to protect yourself and the earth.  Traditional upholstery is a fading art, and we’re proud to feature the plant based materials we all need to obtain a healthier life.

Learn more about Owner Jen-Lan in an interview with VoyageLA, http://voyagela.com/interview/meet-jen-lan-lou-circle-home-elysian-park/